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14-Point Exterior Wash 
  • Vehicle is evaluated with owner for damage/scratches/aftermarket parts that need special attention. Based on evaluation, determine appropriate brushes and chemicals specific to vehicle.
  • All bugs are removed from front fender and headlights.
  • Tires, lips, wheels and wheel wells are brought to a lustrous shine.
  • Vinyl and trim moldings are scrubbed and brought to a finish sheen.
  • Gas cap, door and door jambs are scrubbed to remove road film.
  • Lower body panels and running boards are scrubbed to remove all mineral deposits.
  • Fabric/vinyl roofs/tonneau covers are scrubbed to remove pollutants (if applicable) and dust.
  • Vehicle is hand washed from top to bottom using our waterless, patentend Magic Wash.
  • Vehicle’s paint is gently massaged with our patented Wonder bar light/medium/ heavy clay treatment to remove all environmental fallout.
  • Vehicle’s windows are transformed into the INVISIBLE WINDOWS we are renowned for.
  • Vehicle is brought to it's lustrous shine using our patented carbanau wax.
  • Vehicle is buffed to a final sheen.
  • Inspection checklist is used to ensure perfection. 
  • After all that is done, your vehicle is ready for the detail.
Always Affordable Mobile Detail Service
 7-Point Interior Quick Fix
  • All loose items are placed in a clear bag to avoid misplacement.
  • All mats are removed, vacuumed and cleaned to a shine.
  • Debris are removed from hard to reach areas.
  • Whole interior is vacuumed.
  • Vinyl, dashboard, door jams, door panels and plastics are cleaned and shined.
  • If requested, our Special Interior Scent or Odor Free Scent will be applied.
  • Once again, vehicle is inspected to ensure perfection.
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